These classes are full of small children who are learning to behave in group settings. We strive to create a safe learning atmosphere for all. Please be understanding of "bad" behaviour and be patient with all the children! If at all possible, continue with the song activity, setting a good example.

Please keep you child at home if they are sick: yellow or green discharge, open sores, fever, if they have diarrhea or vomiting.  

Once this pandemic is over, we will be happy to welcome ​​other adults in the class, but for the moment, please keep your pod to one adult, unless you have cleared it with us prior. 

Scholarships are available.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we will not be allowing drop-ins from unregistered families.

Covid-19 Safety Plan:

All people present will self-evaluate for Covid 19 symptoms as per the BC Self-Assessment Tool, prior to coming to class:

-fever, aches, chills, body aches, extreme fatigue


-nausea, diahrrea, vomitting

-loss of appetite, sense of smell or taste

-sore throat


-difficulty breathing

Every participant will agree to:

-Wash their hands upon arrival to class, sanitizer will be provided.

-Adults will wear their mask over their nose and mouth (adults)

-Practice physical distancing and do their best to ensure the children practice physical distancing. Families will keep a physical distance from each other of 2 m or more at all times and 3 m from the teacher while singing. The spaces will be delineated by their picnic blankets for sitting activities, and they will place their blankets down in such a way that there is space to maintain this distance if they walk around the periphery of their blanket.

-Disclose if they have been tested positive for Covid 19, have been in close contact with someone who has, or have been out of the country in the last 14 days

-Stay home if they have any of the above symptoms or have been in close contact with a person known Covid positive, at no cost to Squamish Music Together.

All items made available to participants will be cleaned in accordance with the BC Center for Disease Control recommendations with a 1:50 dilution of Chlorine Bleach (20ml/980ml)

Parents will agree to supervise to ensure their child does not share, take, or give anything they have touched with others.

Classes will be held in a large hall where the doors will remain open. Please dress appropriately as this is to ensure proper ventilation.

Squamish Music Together reserves the right to cancel one day of class for both Mondays and Fridays at no cost to them, in the event that they have Covid-19 symptoms.

In the event that restrictions affect our ability to operate, the semester will be taken to an online format. No reimbursement will be offered.


Contact Director Lise-Anne Beyries, at, with your questions about this health policy or our plans for responding to COVID-19.